About Me

From Lamb Chop and Sesame Street as a toddler to Muppets Tonight and Bear in the Big Blue House as a child, puppetry was everywhere when I was a kid growing up in the 90s. I was so in love with the vibrant characters and magical worlds that it lit a passion for the art form in my soul. I am so inspired by the beautiful and diverse work of talented puppeteers and puppet builders from all over the world.

While puppetry has been my main focus of study, I also really enjoy the process of building a puppet with various mediums to best convey the story. It has been such an exciting experience to learn everything that the world of puppets has to offer, and I cannot wait to continue building my connection with these beautiful creatures of imagination.

When I am not working on my puppets, I am an avid miniatures artisan and photographer. I also have a deep love for animation in all forms, especially stop motion.